Silk&Burlap Family: Life Lessons

Today I taught my kids how to deposit their pay checks into their bank accounts.

Mom goals…100!


Smariga Kids enjoying being customers at our Terrarium Event

When Angelique and I started this business, our kids ranged from 1 yrs to 7 yrs old. Little A and little G have essentially grown up as shop babies. Tagging along as we navigated starting, running, and growing our business, it took a lot to keep them content and entertained.

Little A Exploring the SilkandBurlap Window

Little A from the outside looking in at Silk&Burlap

One of the things Angelique and I talked about when we were hatching our plan for Silk&Burlap was the desire to set an example for our kids. We knew that as impressive as it was to raise 3 kids a piece, they may not recognize our efforts as “above and beyond ordinary” (as they should I might add!). We wanted our kids to see that hardwork and dedication outside of our daily routines was a valuable way to contribute to the well being of our family and community.


Little G and Little A keeping themselves entertained while we work

As the kids have grown older and more capable, they have often joined us at work and pitched in with day to day business….mopping floors, ticketing product, entering inventory, posting products on the website, and greeting and ringing customers.  Each has a task they gravitate to, and we love that!

Little L mopping up a storm at Silk&Burlap

Little L mopping up a storm at Silk&Burlap


Little A hard at work

Little A learning to merchandise product

Some, more than others, jumped at the chance to join us at the shop and enjoyed learning about product and running a business….Recently, we started reimbursing them for their contributions of time dedicated to advancing our business, and they received their first checks.

Little N pitching in to help on a LAX free weekend

 Not so little anymore N pitching in to help on a weekend free of lacrosse tournaments

 They originally grumbled at my suggestions that we make an outing out of depositing these checks at the bank, but once faced with filling out deposit slips and navigating account numbers, they were all in. Who doesn’t love a good fill in the boxes challenge!  They learned how to deposit, how to fill out “less cash received”, how to endorse their checks…..and most importantly, they have learned the value of hard work—and they are pleased! It is a blessing to have the tools to be able to teach them little life lessons, and we look forward to the days they can work for us: summer job? buyer? manager?  Who knows where the future of Silk&Burlap will take them, but for now, I know, the things they are absorbing will no doubt lead them to be successful young adults. And I couldn’t be more proud.


Taking a break during GNO Frederick

All grown up, our littlest shop girls take a break during our GNO Frederick Charity Event


Camp S&B

 Our stock room turned summer camp at Silk&Burlap