2016 Spring Trends

If you Google Spring fashion trends, you will find all sorts of inspiring reads from Popsugar to Glamour to individual fashion bloggers. What do I have to add to this topic that hasn’t already been said?! Being a shop owner, I get to see what fashion trends work on real women including myself, and I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it these days and how the current trends translate to the 45-year-old woman that I’ve become — yes, I really did just share that on the Internet.

The funny thing is, I’m embracing my age more and more lately. I’m half way to ninety after all! As I reflect on how fast the past 45 years have gone by, the present seems more important than ever. I want to be the best version of myself, taking care of both the inside and the outside. Taking time to look good seems more important than ever, and dressing the part puts a pep in my step!

Trends come and go and come back again, refreshed for each new decade. How should you incorporate these fun new takes on fashion each season and make them your own?

At Silk&Burlap, we believe the number one rule for incorporating a trend into your wardrobe is to choose the trends that you feel most confident in, whether that means a match to your personality or a fit that flatters your figure. You can be told a million times over that you look good in something, but if you don’t feel good in it as well, you will inevitably feel awkward wearing a style that is not true to you.

That being said, trends should take your wardrobe of tried and true up a notch and add some fun to it.

With most of our spring apparel deliveries currently in the shop, I am tempted – like many women – to give my wardrobe a complete overhaul. With all the enticing pretties that come through our door daily, the S&B staff surprisingly does not shop like fiends. We are busy thinking about store plans, visuals, inventory ordering—and of course we are practical moms that keep our budget in mind as well.

With that in mind, here are a few of the trends I’m currently crushing on and what’s on my personal shopping list to give my closet a little fashion update:


I’m especially thrilled by all trends related to denim at the moment. For the past several years, it has been the “skinny jean takeover”. Women (and men) have been rather reluctant to give up this versatile cut of denim. Skinny jeans are not completely gone, but we’re seeing more options and creativity in the denim world, from tailored boyfriend jeans to boot cuts and flared leg silhouettes. The more options the better since denim is such a staple for anyone’s wardrobe.

Insider Crop Step Fray

I’m obsessed with this jean. I love the cut, length, wash and how fun they are. Dress this jean up with heels and a pretty top or take them to the beach with a breezy knit pullover and flip flops.

Check out Saule’s Instagram page to see the inspiring ways she wears denim to include this adorable shot of the Insider Crop Step Fray.

Mother Denim High Waisted Looker

Really now, who needs another black skinny?!

I do, you do, we all do when they are this magical! These have the perfect amount of stretch and structure, creating a very slim silhouette. In addition to looking sleek and foxy, they are easy to move in and comfortable enough to take me from soccer mom to shop girl.

Bella Dahl Pullover Tunic Vintage Malibu Wash

I love how easy this denim top is, “What? This old thing?”… #wokeuplikethis

Throw it on with a pair of your favorite black skinnies or white denim jeans for effortless chic.

Velvet by Graham & Spencer Jenny Boyfriend Jean in Salt

White denim is on it’s A-game right now. Once known as a staple in the summer, white denim is now relevant year round. The possibilities are endless. Brights and pastels pop off the white, black and white is always a crisp combo, but I am especially fond of soft pinks, creams or camel with white for a sophisticated look. Saule rocks that very look on her Instagram page below.

TR Designs Eyelet Combo Jean

A little bit of whimsy plus a nod to the 70’s equal a whole lot of fun. A great pant to take me through spring and summer. I want to wear these with sandals or a pair of heels and a graphic tee.

Mother Denim The Cruiser in Partners Undercover

I love a good flare or bootcut pair of jeans. They elongate the leg, accentuate a feminine curvy shape and are just straight up cool! They look great with a tailored close fitting top, especially if the jeans are high waisted but I also like them paired with a little boho blouse as seen below on my Instagram page for a look that is easy and feminine.

Could my sidekick be any cuter!? A born fashionista.


Now, we’re not talking cowgirl or biker babe here. A little goes a long way, but the impact is foxy! The fringe and mesh trend work similarly. Choose a mesh sweater or an accessory with fringe to add texture, movement or a subtle, sexy little detail to your outfit. I for one love subtle yet sexy details, not overt but enough to add a little mystery and fun. Think Jennifer Lawrence….sexy fashionista meets girl next door!

Jenny Bird Artemis Cuff

Does this killer cuff really need explanation!?  Everyone should have a little piece of foxy, badass and this is the piece I am currently coveting. What’s not to love about leather, mixed metal chains with a fringe of hanging chains? Looks great with a simple tee and jeans or pair it with your LBD for a little element of surprise. A little “tough & tender” as Saule likes to say. If that is not enough, it’s named after a super cool Greek Goddess.  I’ll skip the toga but this cuff is a no brainer!

Margaret O’Leary Ivory Crew Pullover

Simple, feminine and pretty. This crisp white sweater looks and feels soft enough to touch with the texture of the mesh-like knit. I love the 3/4 sleeve, the tight stretchiness of the knit and the brightness of the white. This is the little sweater that layers in with so many outfits you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t own one like it before?


Blush pink is not only a “darling” in the fashion world right now, but it is showing up in home accessories as well. Hailed as the new neutral, blush pink offers versatility with a strong dose of femininity. I personally can’t get enough of this color, because it reads both sophisticated and youthful at the same time…is it possible for a color be an oxymoron!?

Moroccan Leather Pouf 

There are plenty of cheap versions of the pouf out there which are not worth your time or money. These however are handmade in Morocco. Beautiful details and stitching on supple leather set them apart from the imitators. I want this for my home office but I’m afraid it may spark a total re-do.

Ceramic Pineapple

While the pineapple is without a doubt having it’s moment right now, it is a timeless symbol steeped in tradition that will never go out of style. It has long been a symbol of friendship, hospitality, status and luxury. I love this pretty version with the soft blush pink topping the  clean white base. I want this for my office on a shelf above my desk. Oh yeah, I’m definitely thinking a revamp of the office is in order!!

Beautiful Stories Evelyn Powder Rose Dress

Hello versatility! I want to wear this in the summer as a dress, to the pool as an easy but foxy cover up or over a pair of white skinny jeans with brown leather sandals. Now if only Mother Nature would cooperate with some warm weather and someone would invite me to their backyard BBQ I’d have all the more reasons to buy…as if I really needed any!

Keepsake Reality Dress

The color combo of blush pink and mustard yellow plus the hemline of this dress has me resembling the heart-eyed emoji every time I walk past it in the shop. It’s currently in our shop window as seen below and I’m in love with the whole set up.

There are several more gorgeous trends that I’d love to chat about, such as bold floral prints, off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops or dresses and everything 70’s inspired. However, as mentioned before, this is my personal list (currently, that is) and there is that, ahem, small detail of the budget to manage.

So until next week’s deliveries arrive, it’s time for me to make some shopping decisions!